Conceptual creative with a curious mind

Hello, Hejsa, Guten Tag!
I'm Bo Virkelyst Jensen, a Danish brand & icon designer / illustrator with more than two decades worth of experience. 
My work is based on strong conceptual thinking - providing less clutter in a world flooded with information.
addSoul design studio is where I provide my professional design services, creating brand identities, icons and illustrations relating to this.
I'm currently in Australia working remotely for clients in the US, Denmark and Vietnam, but I'm always open to chat about a project, or design in general. 
A few people I've had the privilege to work with

Icon and illustration libraries + guidelines for brand portal

Icon library refresh, guidelines and illustration concepts

Icons, illustration, animation and brand concepts

Editorial illustrations

Various brand concepts (for B2B and B2C clients)

Icons and Illustrations

AHM insurance (AU)
Brand illustration concepts ​​​​​​​
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