Hejsa, Hello, Guten Tag!
My name is Bo Virkelyst Jensen, a Danish icon designer / illustrator with more than a decade worth of experience. My work is based on strong conceptual thinking, and I believe in the beauty of simplicity - providing less clutter and better visual communication in a world flooded with information.
addSoul design studio is where I provide my professional design services, creating brand identities and illustrations relating to this, including: editorial illustration, icons, pictograms & character design.
virkelyst.design is home to my self-initiated projects, including the geometric animal illustrations found at mezoozoo.com and the quirky Scandinavian forest creatures in BadaBada - friends from the shadows.
Currently i'm based in Berlin, Germany - however I've also been working in Denmark, Australia, Japan and Vietnam.
I'm represented in Australia by the lovely people at TheDrawingArm so please contact them if that's where you are located. 
Otherwise feel free to get in touch here!

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